SANITY 60 Group Buy

The Sanity 60 will be making a return in May 2021.

Link to IC

What's Changed

The major changes from the previous run has been listed below.

  • Changed mounting points from 10 to 8 seen here

  • weight has been centered on the back

  • now supports burger mount

  • rounder edges.

  • Addition of a color, based off IC response

The Sale

The Group Buy for the Sanity60 will open up In late May 2021.

There will be a max 120 units sold. I will also be ordering extras to guarantee that an a-stock product is delivered. Estimated delivery is Q3/Q4 of 2021

The Board

The Sanity60 is a minimalistic 60 percent that utilizes a subtly accented bottom designed to draw you in. The case of the Sanity uses machined 6063 grade aluminum coupled with a sandblasted brass rear weight. The board uses a top mount system with options for both POM and Aluminum plates. The Sanity60's weight is uncoated, so it will weather over time. 

Case Color Options:

  • Deep Blue
  • Silver
  • ???

Plate Options:

  • Aluminum Plate
  • POM Plate

Other Information:

  • 60 percent keyboard
  • 7 degree typing angle
  • Aluminum case
  • Sandblasted brass weight
  • 8 mounting points
  • H60 PCB included
  • Top mount/Burger mount
All of the following images are prototype photos, not 3d renderings. 

The Pricing

The price of the Sanity60 will go as followed:

  • Sanity60 with aluminum plate: $450-$550 (Depending on entries)
  • Sanity60 with pom plate: $460-560 (Depending on entries)
  • Extra aluminum plate: $25
  • Extra pom plate: $35
  • Extra H60 PCB: $40