Nenuphar Furniture Collection

A furniture set inspired by the elegant shape of water lilies.

The Nenuphar Collection is a furniture set inspired by the grand structure of water lilies. The legs of each piece are light, and draw your eyes up to the grand top of each piece of furniture. The coffee table, coat rack, café table and stools are all individual, but can be elegantly paired with one another to create a furniture set.

Constructed from premium birch & marine grade plywood, this table is sure to last for a long time. A major benefit to this set is it's ability to be flat packed & assembled quite easily. Each piece contains a maximum of 6 screws, and the rest is handled by interlocking slots & wooden dowels. 

The Nenuphar Coffee Table, Render

The Nenuphar Café Table & Stools, Render

The Nenuphar Coffee Table & Coat Rack, Render

So far, there has been one run of prototypes at 1:6.25 scale. There are no planned changes to the design, and it should be noted that the miniatures are far more wobbly than the final version, this is due to the lack of screws and dowels that will be present in the final set.

Miniatures can be seen below