Hot Take Ergonomic Keyboard

The Hot Take Keyboard

The Hot Take & its sequel, the Hotter Take keyboard were designed with an emphasis on portability. Although the handle is a bit of a joke, it definitely makes it feel sturdier to hold when bringing it around, and feels less likely to slip out of your hands and fall. The Hot Takes feature a split, ergonomic design that brings further comfort, and relieves stress on the wrists by returning them to a natural position.

Hot Take

The original, smaller Hot Take was designed to be heavily portable, with a light frame and impressively small footprint it can be taken anywhere. Instead of the normal desktop 100 key layout, or the laptop 60 key layout, the hot take has only 40 keys cutting the size in more than half. This size still allows for a comfortable typing experience, and brings more joy than a regular, boring keyboard.

Hotter Take (The Sequel)

The Hotter Take, which is the second version of the hot take is another portable keyboard. it carries over the same design features and ergonomic benefits of the original Hot Take with a few changes. This second one features a larger size, with a 60 key layout for faster typing with numbers, and new neon colors instead of the plain white that the original one featured.